RV Safety

Getting ready to explore the US in your RV. Take a look at these safety tips provided by Property Casualty 360 to ensure you have a wonderful risk-free trip.

• Install smoke alarms
• Stay in the kitchen while you cook
• Use only one heat-producing appliance plugged into a receptacle outlet at a time. Appliances should be plugged directly into a wall outlet
• Check for propane leaks (refrigerators, furnaces, ovens and stoves)
• Have your propane system inspected
• Know two ways to exist and ensure windows open easily
• Practice a fire escape plan
• Turn off camping heaters and lanterns while sleeping
• Make sure campfires are permitted before setting one up
• If campfires are allowed, set up at least 25 feet away from anything that can burn
• Have your vehicle serviced by a qualified mechanic
• Keep a portable fire extinguisher on board to use only if there is a small fire that can be contained

RV fires cause million dollars in damages. So follow these tips to reduce the chance of a fire claim. Travel safely and enjoy the great outdoors.

Source: Property Casualty 360